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We Find a Way

We find a way to make exceptional educational experiences happen. If you want to work with and learn from the natural environment, this is the place to be. If you want to do more than select from a menu of activities and really make a difference with your group - then we will work to make it happen.

We also constantly say to each other 'how hard can it be?' For us, the lofty then becomes achievable and while we love to do the unique we are also to our core a Department of Education Camp School and as such, we adhere to, and operate within, all Departmental policies and procedures.  
Much of what we do at the forefront of Outdoor Education activities is within the 42 islands of the Dampier Archipelago, and, after years of experience with countless students we understand deeply that if we have respect for the sea, it will look after us. This has helped us to inform the most recent Outdoor Education and Recreational Activities Procedures, Manual and Guidelines. This means that:    

  • if you are a teacher looking for awesome activities that both challenge your students and are appropriate for schools, then we may well be the place for you;
  • if you are a principal, and have any queries about Duty of Care as it applies to school camps and off-site activities, I am happy to be of assistance; and
  • if you are not from a school –we know from experience that what we do works well for adults and community groups, too – we would love to hear from you– and we hope we can fit you in!     

I personally deal directly with every booking and would love to speak to you if you feel we can work together. Use the 'Contact Us' page to get in touch with me, or call the office on 9183 1374 and leave a message for me.

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Des Prizmic

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