Pilbara Camp School Dampier, Archeological Dig
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Tysha and Alex with a Champagne bottleArcheological Dig!

What better location for an Archeological Dig than the foreshore in front of the Pilbara Camp School? While it might be well and truly summer weather, the foreshore provides a spectacular, cool setting for all sorts of activities with a bonus of a swim, great food and service at the camp school site within walking distance of the dig.

Teacher Sarah Mather from Baynton West Primary, decided that the second last day of school was an ideal time to culminate the work students had studied as part of their integrated Australian Curriculum Program. The dig involved mapping, cartesian planes, teamwork and a historical understanding of the Pilbara area. Students unearthed 60 year old champagne bottles, whale bones, old books and assorted artifacts from the early decades of the towns' history.

In addition to being a magnificent location, the Pilbara Camp School site played a big part in the early construction of the town of Dampier. Our buildings are what is left of "Con Camp II" the last remaining construction site with demountables from the earliest days of the town's history. These buildings are the very ones where Red Dog walked, snoozed and farted his way into our colourful history. While they were constructed fifty years ago, it is wonderful to realise that they are still a tremendous facility for students from all over our state.

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