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The Home of Success Education

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We provide a framework that enables all students to be successful in a range of endeavors within the 42 islands that make up the Dampier Archipelago.

Some choose to provide the opportunity for their students to become successful in endorsed Australian Sailing programs. Others opt for activities that provide a hands-on minds-on pathway to being more successful team players, problem solvers or powerboat handlers. Some of our activites directly relate to outcomes schools seek in learning areas while other activities are those which schools simply can not do themselves.

But what really makes us unique is that not only do students depart our school feeling they have earned success in the activities they have undertaken, in addition, all children 'walk out the gate' with our success toolbox: The six habits they learn to apply to be a successful sailor, camper, or contributor are also the same six habits that they can carry for life to apply to being more successful in your school; in further education; in trade training and indeed in any challenging endeavor in life.

  • if you are a teacher looking for awesome activities that both challenge your students and are appropriate for schools, then we may well be the place for you;

  • if you are a principal, and you want something exceptional for students that creates in students a mindset that assists them to be more successful in your school then you definitely want to speak to me;

  • if you are not from a school –we know from experience that what we do works well for adults and community groups, too – we would love to hear from you– and if you are lucky we might even be able to fit you in!

I personally deal directly with every booking and would love to speak to you if you feel we can work together. Use the 'Contact Us' page to get in touch with me.

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Des Prizmic

Authorised Provider: Australian Sailing


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