Recreational Skippers Ticket, Pilbara Camp School, Dampier
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Recreational Skippers Ticket
All RSTs are $300 per person, invoiced by the Pilbara Camp School upon completion of your Interim Certificate.

Supportive, Comprehensive Instruction and Assessment to the RST Standard.

My RST program is an average of six hours, commencing with full theory coaching followed by the theory exam in which you must score at least 80% in to progress to the practical. Once you pass the theory we move onto the practical component which I model. You have as much time as you need to practice the tasks in either our center console or tiller control 4.3M NAIAD vessel purpose built for instruction. 

In order to do your RST with the Pilbara Camp School you simply need to:

1. Negotiate a day with me by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link on this page.
2. Have your GP complete a Declaration of Medical Fitness if you have a serious medical condition (most candidates don't require this) as outlined here:
3. Bring your current, original Motor Drivers Licence as full POI

One-on-one instruction and assessment is the best. A group of three is ok, but you will need to speak to me about the requirements for all candidates to make this effective. I also do class groups, however, this requires a great deal of time and serious commitment from supervising teachers to be practical.

At the end of your training and assessment you too will be driving the boat onto the trailer as confidently and competently as Matt: Description of photo here

"Thanks Des and the Pilbara Camp School for a fantastic all round experience whilst doing my RST. The theory instruction is easy to follow and well presented by Des. The practical component is thorough and Des gives as much time as you need to practice so you don't feel rushed. I would recommend Des and the Pilbara Camp School to anyone looking to get their Skippers Ticket. Also the morning tea and lunch was a nice touch. 5 stars!" Matt

I have the experience and capacity to undertake RST instruction with a maximum of 18 students on the water at once. 

With six, 5hp vessels each student has plenty of practical, hands-on driving and practice time and our custom 6 vessel trailer means I can come to you and work anywhere there's water and a jetty. 

AnDescription of photo hereand says: "Des ensured that all participants clearly understood the concepts and stopped to explain to anybody that did not clearly understand. Students were all confident due to the meticulous manner in which the course was presented and this made taking the test a breeze."

"During the practical, Des went through all of the components thoroughly, making sure that all students understood everything
that was required. He then went on to demonstrate to further ensure we had grasped the basics. His attitude really makes you feel at ease, and almost everyone completed the practical with lots of self-confidence. Des went the extra mile and gave a few pointers about being on the water; things that were not in the book. "

Every dollar we receive from RSTs goes directly back to the Camp School to the benefit of those students who use us. 

The pricing is set irregardless of how long it takes to do the RST and includes complimentary morning tea and lunch (I get hungry too!).

$300/Adult Theory Assessment, Instruction and Practical assessment in a camp school vessel.
$300/Student - School Student Groups which includes several double-periods for me to visit your school and provide theory instruction, in addition to an 8 hour day of practical instruction and assessment in Dampier. In my experience a minimum of 16 hours face-to-face instruction and assessment time is required for student groups. Given student transiency and varied ability levels a residential RST camp is an ideal option for student groups.
$300 Powerboat Handling for Teachers. This rate is only for schools funding teacher training for the minimum qualification required to operate a power vessel on the water with student groups.

If you'd like to make a time with me to do yours, go to the 'Contact Us' page, fill in the enquiry form with a range of weekdays that would suit you and any questions you may have about your assessment including which vessel you would prefer to work in. I will get back to you via email with the first day I have available for you.

Des Prizmic
Authorised Provider: Australian Sailing


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