Pilbara Camp School Dampier, Sea Trek
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Sea Trek

Sea Treks are usually run over four days, by the students themselves. The group considers options, navigates and sets up camps throughout the 42 islands in the Archipelago having the opportunity to experience the reward and consequences of their decisions.

Students receive extensive training prior to treks, however, the real learning often happens on the trek itself and in the aftermath.

True Experiential Learning

Packing, carrying, preparing and being responsible for everything you need to thrive for four days in the environment draws on attributes many do not know they have. Click on the links below to view the actual checklists we use on expedition. These checklists have been refined over 20 years of trek experience and are modified during and after each trek. We learn from every experience - and continue to be humbled by the realisation of how little we know with each experience.

Checklist Primary Charter Trek - Year 6 Only

Checklist Secondary Outdoor Education Sail / Powerboat Trek


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