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Teacher Development and Instructor Training

Do you ever have teachers or adults working on the water in a powered vessel with student groups?

If you do, are they suitably qualified and experienced for the activity?

Water activities are empowering, exhilarating and potentially very high-risk. That risk is very different to a family day on the water and is exponentially multiplied by the number of students being worked with. I know from experience because I've been doing this for 10 years. For Education Staff I can offer the following qualification pathways:

Recreational Skippers Ticket
Powerboat Handling
Safety Boat Operator

All of these are competed in the context of the area we operate in. While most schools who work on the water in the area work with the Camp School, there may be the exception with schools running their own programs. Even in this instance the Camp School is able to offer support and advice to those schools in running their own programs.

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Des Prizmic
Authorised Provider: Australian Sailing


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